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People who take vacations are among the happiest in the world !

Did you know...

Families that make vacations a high priority have lower divorce rates, better relationships with their children, are more successful in business and have a better outlook on life.


Did you know...

95% of people surveyed stated that if they had MORE TIME and MORE MONEY they would spend them vacationing.


Vacations add balance and revitalize our energy towards life !

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When Money Buys Happiness

In the low-cost housing development where I lived early in my marriage, everyone was always   short of cash.
We all ate tuna casseroles, drove ancient cars and planned home improvements.
Before moving on to better neighborhoods most of us acquired the porch, patio or renovate attic that meant extra breathing room.
Except Amy and Frank.
The parents of five children, they dreamed of a second bathroom but never seemed able to afford it. What they did afford, however, were regular ski holidays, seven pairs of skis, boots and poles, parkas, lift tickets and the rest. We thought they were crazy.
I saw Frank again recently. The kids are scattered now, but he and Amy still live in the old neighborhood, and still only have one bathroom. “We had rough going for years,” he said. “But a while back one of the boys wrote, “I’ll never forget those terrific ski holidays.” Do you suppose he ever would have written, “I’ll never forget that second bathroom?”
Amy and Frank discovered a life enhancing secret: Decide what’s really important to you and go for that even if the cost seems out of line.

Reader’s Digest, 1986, Originally appeared in October 15, 1985, Women’s Day

Learn how you can have affordable yearly vacations just like Amy and Frank.

SmartShare Benefits


Unlike most hotels which cater to the Business traveler and are located in business areas, SmartShare Luxury Resorts cater to Vacationers and are located in PRIME Vacation Locations !



Most motels are nothing more than studio apartments without a kitchen. Smartshare Luxury resorts are visibly different, featuring all of the comforts of home. Options include 1-3 bedrooms, 1-3 bathrooms, family rooms, kitchens, hot tubs, laundry facilities and MUCH more!


Our weekly rates are far less than even budget hotels. This is why we call it SMART! Rates start as low as $99 PER WEEK!

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