Vacation Membership Benefits

Are you considering buying a Timeshare ?
These Vacation Memberships are BETTER than owning a Timeshare !

 Luxury Resorts are like having a home away from home.
The benefits over Hotel accommodations are enormous. Superior Locations are SmartShare's first great    advantage. Unlike hotels that mostly cater to business travelers and are located in business areas, Luxury Resorts cater to Vacationers and are located in the prime vacation spots.
We all know the saying, the value of real estate is all about Location, Location, and Location which is why SmartShare Vacation Memberships take you to the nicest locations in the world.

Size is the second great SmartShare advantage. Unlike hotels that are merely studio apartments with no kitchens, SmartShare's luxury resorts are fully equipped with options such as 1-3 bedrooms, 1-3 bathrooms, family rooms, kitchens, hot tubs, laundry facilities, and much more.
However, our weekly rates are actually far less expensive than even budget hotels. That is why we call it Smart! Rates start as low as $99.00 per week!
If you are a timeshare owner or have been one in the past you know the cost doesn't stop with the purchase price. The average timeshare yearly fees are $350.00 to $600.00 per year. The yearly fees for a gold membership is just $99.00!

Amenities are the third great Smartshare advantage. Designed to accommodate the vacationer and not the business traveler our luxury resorts have everything you want to be pampered and indulged.
Our options include oversized swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants, golf courses, beaches, skiing, lakes, bike riding, and any other fun activity you can think of. When it comes to vacations nobody does it like Smartshare.

Compare Owning a Timeshare with Owning a Vacation Membership

Vacation Membership
Purchase Price
$10,000 - $60,000
$1995.00 - $5900.00
Yearly Fees
$300.00 - $900.00
$199.00 - $99.00
# of Weeks Allowed per yr
Two - Unlimited
Yes - Gold only
Floating Weeks
Confined to one Home Resort
No - access to all in network
Complicated Points System
Childrens ownership pkg included
Yes - Gold only
Cost Effective
NEVER Pay full price for your luxury vacations again !
Lifetime GOLD Membership - for those who require the complete service

Lifetime LEASE Membership for those on a limited budget.


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